Integration Day 2015 "Recap"

It’s not a real recap for the Integration Day from 2 weeks ago.
But below you can find all the presentations.

08:45Keynote (Jan Tielens)
09:30BizTalk Server Deep Dive Tips & Tricks for Developers and Admins (Sandro Pereira)
10:45Demystifying Logic Apps (M.R. Ashwin Prabhu)
11:305 Advanced Techniques in BizTalk360 to Solve Complex Operational Problems (Saravana Kumar)
13:00BAM Experiences in Large Scale Deployments (Marius W Storsten)
13:45Governance and API Management for BizTalk Server- what’s the value and how to implement it? (Andrew Slivker)
14:30JSON and REST in the BizTalk World (Steef-Jan Wiggers)
15:45Ingestion loads of data with Azure Event Hubs (Sam Vanhoutte )
16:30Stream Analytics and Power BI (Sam Vanhoutte )
17:15Beer o’clock & Price Raffle

I also want to thank the sponsors, speakers and the attendees. Without all of you guys it wouldn’t be possible to have such a great event.
I hope to see you all on our next event. Say tuned for that one…