How-to: Receive message from an Azure Queue with BizTalk 2013

In this how-to we will explain how you can read messages from an Azure Queue with BizTalk 2013R2.

First we will create a new application in the BizTalk Admin Console

Then we create a one-way receive port in our Application.

After we created our ReceivePort, we will create our one-way Receive Location

Select the Receive Port we created in the previous step….

As Transport Type we choose for “SB-Messaging”

Click on the “Configure” button, now we can configure our Azure Queue.

Fill in your Queue like in the screenshot => sb:///

After that we go to the Authentication Tab.

You need to provide the ACS Url. Just change the part with your own namespace.
The one you also used in the previous step.
Then we need to add the Issuer Name & Key.

I created a new policy that only can listen to this queue. That’s the only requirement to read messages from a queue.
You can generate a shared access key under your

Servicebus Namespace –> Queues –> “Your Queue” –> Configure (OLD Azure Portal)

On the shared access policies, you can create a new Access Key. For this you only need Listen Permissions.
Now you can start reading messages from your Azure Queue
To test the flow you can always send messages with the solution in my other Blog Post
You also will get some routing failures in BizTalk because we don’t have anything after this. But it just shows you how to read messages from a queue.

Have fun with reading messages from an Azure Queue