How-to: Create a BizTalk Service on Windows Azure

The first step is to open de Azure Portal

Now we will create the BizTalk Service, just click on the “New” button.

You will get the following screen.

Click on the “Everything” text/button an you will get a full gallery. Select “App + data services”. Then you will get all the App & data Services.

Under the integration part you can see the following. Please click on this one.

Because it’s for the moment not yet possible to do this on the new portal. We need to do it on the old portal. Just click the “Full Azure Portal” link.

On the left you can see “BizTalk Services”, just click on that one.

Now we can create a new BizTalk service by clicking the “Create BizTalk Service”

Please fill in the necessary fields. To find the right version for you, check the Edition Chart

Go to the next step.
Define the storage account you need, choose an existing one or create a new one.
You can also do that for the Tracking Database.

In the next screen we define the tracking db.
You can use an existing database server or a new one.

When everything has been set, you can click on the “Finish” button.
The process to create your BizTalk Service will start…

After some time your BizTalk Service is available

Stay tuned for more How-to’s. You want to see a How-to on something just contact me.